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Solar Attic Fans

You can lower your summer attic temperature by up to 40°F!

A Smart Choice

Solar powered

No electrical wiring or structural changes required.

Reduce energy costs

In brutal Texas summers, reduce the load on your AC system and save on your electric bill. Plus, you may qualify for a federal tax credit.

Reduce moisture & mold

Improve attic ventilation with continuous air circulation to help prevent moisture from lingering.

Reduce the load on your HVAC system


Possible federal tax credit


Reduce attic summer temp by up to 40°F


Reduce moisture buildup


Increase attic ventilation


Reduce mold and wood rot


Fast, professional installation


Can pay for itself quickly


Multiple models, sizes & mounting types

An inexpensive way to cool your attic and reduce moisture buildup

Do you have an upstairs room that gets extra hot in the summer?

Contact us to install a solar-powered fan to cool your attic. Solar attic fans run on sun power and pull superheated air out of your attic to be replaced by cooler outside air. This reduces the amount of work your HVAC system, improves attic ventilation, reduces attic moisture (and the potential for mold and wood rot), and reduces your summer energy bills.

An easy, smart choice for any Texas homeowner

Our installation is performed quickly and professionally, as we take extra protections to ensure your system has a water-tight installation. We can install multiple model sizes to accommodate any attic space, and we offer multiple mounting systems for your roof. In summer months, a solar attic fan can reduce the temperature in your attic by up to 40°F, and you might quality for a federal tax credit!

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