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Peace of Mind with Thorough Roof Inspections in Austin, TX

Choose the trusted Austin Roof Specialists for high-quality, thorough roof inspections and restoration services. Support the homeowners with all their roofing needs, from peace of mind check-ins after the storm to the next item on your roof’s maintenance schedule.


Our inspections are free!


Most inspections only find the need for repairs that are small, but necessary


Inspections usually take less than an hour


Yes, every roof type needs periodic inspection


Inspections can stave off the damage and expense of significant repairs


No, we don't use drones ... because our eyes work much better!

Many (most) roofers use drones. But we never do.

We think drones are great for a lot of things, but even a drone camera with 4K-resolution cannot replace the trained eye of a roofer up on your house for an inspection. We believe that the use of drones means you miss a lot of little things you otherwise would catch with the naked eye. Also, using a drone could mean missing the opportunity to feel when your foot hits a slightly soft spot where the roofing plywood might be rotting. 

Get Your Roof Inspected With Local Specialists

Many issues can arise in your roof system. Most homeowners find that early intervention can prevent these problems from escalating into more extensive work. However, sometimes, the obvious signs of damage are harder to find. With over 20 years of experience providing thorough examinations of Texas roofs, we’ve become the trusted, fully licensed home inspector for diagnostics for water damage, dry rot, and the installation services required for total roof replacement. Our roof inspection services in Austin, TX are designed to identify any potential issues before they become major concerns.

Fixing issues that may weaken or damage your roof can extend its life without requiring an extensive replacement. 

We’re your local roofing partner for storm damage and keeping to regular maintenance schedules, recommended as standard every 4 to 5 years for all Austin properties.

Comprehensive Roof Inspection and Repair in Austin, TX

Don’t fall for the temptation of DIY inspections and repairs when you can leave your home in the care of our roofing experts. If your roof is due for repair or has recently been impacted by Texas’ wild storm seasons, we’re the roofing and restoration company for you. We elevate the roofing experience to bring high-quality repair and maintenance services to your home. Our roof inspection services in Austin, TX are designed to efficiently assess and address any damage. To meet the diverse needs of all our customers, we offer flexible appointments to suit your schedule. Book now.

More Than Just Standard Roof Company

Our commitment to excellent roofing ensures we deliver 5-star roof and restoration services that exceed local competition. From drone-free inspections to transparent quoting and detailed repair diagnostics, Matthew Lorand Roofing services protect your home for years to come.

Protect Your Home from Weather Damage with Roof Damage Inspections in Austin, TX

We’re the trusted provider of your professional roofing inspection. We offer high-quality restoration work when necessary and total transparency on diagnostic reports of the work required to restore your home to optimum condition.

Removing the Stress of Your Roof Inspection Cost

As a local business, we understand Austinites and their homes’ daily challenges, from inclement and severe weather to the long-lasting harsh impacts of sun damage. To maintain local homes and reduce the costs and the risks of structural damage, we offer complimentary roof inspection services in Austin, Texas, to all our customers to keep safety our number one priority.

Austin’s 5-Star Rated Roofer

All our roof inspections are complimentary, with no commitments or obligations for our customers. Although we do not apply a roof inspection cost to your services, this does not mean you must commit repair work with us if we find a roof problem. You can also rest assured that we will cover every aspect of a roof inspection to ensure you can make an informed decision with an official report.

You can trust the credibility of our roof services by browsing our vast 5-star reviews! In fact, we frequently receive 5-star feedback and recognition from local directories such as ThreeBestRated, and Trust Analytica, and we have received the Angi Super Service award, 7 times!

It’s time to get your roof inspected! Book A Complimentary Roof Inspection In Austin.

Do I Need a Roof Inspection?

Your Roof Inspection should occur every four to five years or whenever necessary between your recommended maintenance schedule. Many customers need clarification on their roof and inspection process, which is why we provide complete transparency in our roof inspector checklist, including detailed roof inspection reports for those in Austin, Texas. Explore our ultimate roof inspection guide below:

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Mastering Roof Longevity with Roof Repair Inspection in Austin, TX

  • Broken, torn, or missing shingles.
  • Missing or cracked caulk.
  • Missing caps of chimney cracks.
  • Torn or rotten rubber boots around pipes.
  • Detached or sagging gutters.
  • Rotten or sagging areas.
  • Missing or rusted flashing.
  • Total overview of your entire roof.
  • Diagnosing problems with a leaky roof
  • Guiding the possibility of a new roof if needed.
  • Discussing upgrades to the roofing material and parts where required.

Extensive Roof Repair and Restoration Training

Whether your roof was initially installed by our team or a fellow roofer in the area, our diverse training and skillset ensure we can work with various structures, materials, and equipment that make up each unique roofing job.

With extensive training to uncover damages and resolve deterioration in your roof’s condition, our professional inspector can offer customers complete peace of mind coverage for leaks, broken tiles, missing shingles, loose flashing, and more.

Roof Tune-Up Services

Our tune-up services are essential for maintaining your roof’s condition and extending its longevity for many years. We may recommend a roof tune-up following a comprehensive inspection to address critical issues that need attention and resolve minor issues quickly to prevent risks of further damage from occurring. Additionally, our roof inspection services in Austin, Texas are designed to identify any potential problems and ensure your roof is in top condition.

Insurance Company Approved

Choose a roofer you can rely on in the event of inclement weather or damages during the storm season. We’re the insurance-ready roofing service taking care of your property from initial storm inspections to repair work, handling all the paperwork and admin with insurer providers for a stress-free restoration of your home.

Explore our insurance company coverage and insurance claim services for storms.

Comprehensive Roof Damage Inspections by Experts in Austin, TX

Since starting our operation in 1998, we’ve continued to source only premium-quality roofing products and work with certified contractors and licensed roofers. Discover why we’re Austin’s top-rated roof inspection services and restoration provider.

Our Drone-Free Promise

We are proud of our team’s extensive skillset and ability, which is why our ‘Drone-free’ promise is standard in our roof inspection services. Unlike many roofing companies that use drone technology, we invest in our expert team, entrusting them with the training to carefully spot defects and damages in a range of roofing materials and structures. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our roof inspection reports, ensuring that homeowners in Austin, TX receive the most thorough and reliable service available.

Accredited Roofing Service

Our industry links and accreditations keep us up to date with the latest industry guidance and support, which we pass on to our customers in the high-quality provision of our roofing services. The BBB has accredited us since 2015, and we’re committed to honesty and integrity in our roof inspection services and restoration work.

Home Insurance Ready

We are preferred roofers for many insurance providers in the Austin and Texas area and have a long-standing relationship with a range of suppliers and agencies to provide a streamlined collaboration in restoring your home. Our roof inspection services in Austin, TX are thorough and trusted by many homeowners, ensuring that any roof damage inspections are conducted with precision and care.

Full Warranty of Roof Repairs

If you decide to commence work with the team following your roof inspection, you’ll be backed by our full insurer services and Best Protection Full warranty. Contact us for further information on coverage criteria and warranty options.

Detailed Roofing Inspection Reports in Austin, TX

Stop the never-ending building work in your home with drywall, interior repairs, and renovations from the Matthew Lorand Roofing team. Contact our team today to choose the one-stop shop for home repairs.

Choose a Top 100 Rated Roofing Contractor

Explore locally renowned and recommended roofing and restoration specialists for your next inspection. Our high-quality work is supported by continued positive feedback and recognition from networks and customers, including those who have utilized our roof inspection services in Austin, TX.

With ‘Best Business 2024’ recognition from Three Best Rated and several other awards and 5-star reviews, we’re Austin’s favorite, trusted roof inspector, offering high-quality, complimentary inspection services to the community.

Schedule a home inspection for your roof today for professional diagnostics and a detailed written report of work required to keep your home in optimum condition.

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