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Revitalize your home with our qualified roof inspectors. With over 20 years of experience restoring and replacing the roofs of the Round Rock community, call us first for minor to major roof repair services.

Accurately Determine Storm Damages with Our Roof Inspection Services

Our professional inspection services cover urgent repair work, extending the lifespan of your roof and keeping your home safe and secure. With extensive experience in the roofing industry, we’ve developed efficient and leading roofing services backed by a network of reputable suppliers for materials and equipment. These services prepare homes for upcoming storm seasons and their everyday roofing needs. Our roof inspection services in Round Rock, TX, are designed to identify potential issues before they become major problems, ensuring your peace of mind throughout the year.

Does Your Home in Round Rock, TX Need a Professional Roof Inspection?

The safety of our community is the priority for the Matthew Lorand Roofing team, which is why we offer no-obligation, complimentary inspections for residents. Our expert team provides homeowners with an official detailed report of advised roof repairs and free estimates of costs and materials required to restore their roofing systems to optimum condition.

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Does Your Home Need a Roofing Inspector?

A roof should be the resilient shield that protects your home from the elements, yet sometimes minor or major damages, deterioration in condition, or even bad luck can impact its ability to safeguard your home. A routine roof inspection should be carried out every four to five years; however, we always recommend a professional roof inspection service be carried out following severe weather in Round Rock, TX, or if there are changes to your home’s structure or condition.

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We’re a roofing company dedicated to exceptional service. We offer flexible inspection appointments around your schedule and match the best roofing contractor on our team to your home’s needs. If you have additional accessibility, scheduling, or communication requirements, our team is happy to support you.

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Home Safety with Comprehensive Roof Inspection Services in Round Rock, TX

As your dedicated roof inspector in Round Rock, Texas, we offer more than a peace-of-mind check-in on your home’s condition. We’re the partner you need for home insurance claims, bad weather, and urgent or minor repair work. Explore our comprehensive roof inspection services, which address potential issues and recommend necessary repairs for your roof.

Storm Damage Roof Repair

Even the most resilient roofs are victims of storm damage, especially houses in the area, which are frequently impacted by hailstorms, high winds, flooding, thunderstorms, and heat damage throughout the storm season. Signs and symptoms of storm damage are not always obvious to homeowners, which is why a detailed inspection with a professional roofing company is critical to ensuring the safety of your home.

Accurately Determine Storm Damages and Repairs

With 20 years of experience supporting homes through many storm seasons, our roof inspection company has fine-tuned our services appropriately to meet the needs of residents in Round Rock, TX. Offering comprehensive roof inspection services, we assist with inspections, reports, and communication with your insurance company to provide efficient resolutions for repairing your home. As the roofing partner you need in the aftermath of a storm, we’re committed to ensuring your peace of mind and safety.

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Assessing Roof Leaks and Water Damage

A detailed roof inspection can be fundamental to uncovering potential damages and risks to your home, such as leaks and water damage. Missing shingles, broken gutters, and cracks in the shingles can all be obvious signs of water dripping into the structural integrity of a roof. Unfortunately, many homeowners are unaware of the leak until it spreads widely through their homes, resulting in water stains and ceiling sags.

We Inspect Your Home For Threats and Signs Of Leaks

A thorough roof inspection involves a detailed assessment of your roof’s condition. We spot commonly missed signs of water damage and resolve minor repairs that can cause leaks in the roof. Our specialist support team can also provide roof leak assistance in the event of more extensive repairs or complete roof replacement and guide repair and restoration work in the event of a water leak. Additionally, our roof inspection service in Round Rock, ensures that local homes and businesses maintain their roofs in top condition.

Routine Roof Inspections

As a local roofing team, we understand the challenges homes face, such as battling inclement weather, intense climates, and risks of pests and infestations. Fortunately, many common roofing issues for homes can be resolved by regular roof inspections and maintenance, addressing roof integrity issues to fix minor problems before they require more extensive repair work.

Dedicated Roof-Tune Up Services and Repairs

If you’re behind on your routine inspection schedule, suspect damages or changes in your roof’s condition, or if your home or business in Round Rock, TX has recently been impacted by bad weather, getting a roof inspection can ensure that your roof is in optimum condition. Our team provides clear and concise estimate reports as standard in routine or ad-hoc roof inspections, ensuring you’re happy with any costs and repair work before carrying out roof tune-up services.

Explore our roof tune-up services for high-quality solutions to minor roofing repairs.

Detailed Reports

Whether you are self-funding your roof restoration, require a peace-of-mind check-in for a house purchase, or are working with an insurer to handle repairs, communication is critical for ensuring a stress-free roofing experience. We work with customers and key stakeholders through each step of their repair process, providing detailed documentation and paperwork from inspection to job completion.

Where Roof Inspection Service Meets Quality in Round Rock, TX

When choosing an expert to assess the condition of your roof, look no further than the trusted roofing contractors in the Matthew Lorand team!

We’ve been supporting homes with all their roofing needs for over twenty years, providing leading customer care, high-quality materials, and resilient roof restoration and repairs, including roof inspections in Round Rock, TX.

With ‘Best Business 2024’ recognition from Three Best Rated and several other awards and 5-star reviews, we’re the local choice for roof inspections, professional diagnostics, and insurance-ready reports.

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