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Pros and cons of a shingle roof and a metal roof

A lot of customers ask if they should choose a shingle roof or a metal roof. Sometimes they are replacing a roof after a storm, sometimes they are building a new home, and sometimes they are just interested in making a change to their current home. There are a lot of advantages to a metal roof, but there are a lot of factors to consider also.

If you have an insurance claim, consider a metal roof

If you are filing an insurance claim and in the process of replacing an existing roof, and you personally prefer a metal roof over a shingle roof, this might be a great time to consider updating to a metal roof. Metal will cost you more, but if you already are replacing your roof, the additional amount you have to pay to upgrade to metal is easier to handle. And of course, insurance companies don’t mind if you choose to upgrade to metal and pay the difference. In fact, insurance companies often are glad to see you make the upgrade, because as you’ll see below, metal has many advantages.

Pros of choosing a metal roof

  1. If you prefer metal over shingle, the first advantage is that you’ll appreciate the aesthetic value of metal, as will many of your neighbors!
  2. A metal roof wears better than a shingle roof, which has granules and fiberglass matting.
  3. A metal roof can handle wind better, whereas wind can more easily rip a shingle roof.
  4. A metal roof can last substantially longer than a shingle roof.
  5. A metal roof often increases the value of a home.

Cons of choosing a metal roof

  1. A metal roof is more expensive, sometimes costing twice as much as a shingle roof.
  2. While they might be more durable than a shingle roof, repairing a metal roof can be expensive. Sometimes you have to replace an entire 10-foot panel that runs the vertical length of your roof.
  3. While you might prefer a metal roof aesthetically, there’s no denying the many colors, shapes, and architectural designs offered in a shingle roof.
  4. Metal roofs take more time to install.
  5. Metal roofs can get dings from hail, requiring an entire panel to be replaced, whereas a shingle repair job sometimes means only having to replace a few pieces, quickly and inexpensively.
  6. While a metal roof does indeed increase the value of the house, realtors often say that the homeowner won’t get an immediate payback on the investment of a metal roof when selling the home.

How long does it take to justify the cost of a metal roof?

How long are you planning to live in the home? If it’s 1-5 years, you might not want to invest in an expensive metal roof, because the people who buy your home essentially will reap the benefits of your investment. We always say that nine out of 10 customers seem to prefer a metal roof, but most people don’t choose to buy their home simply because it has a metal roof. You have to consider how metal impacts the resale value of your home, and how long you will be living in it.

If you have questions or would like to discuss whether metal or shingle is a good choice for you, we are happy to chat with you!

shingle or metal roof
shingle or metal roof

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