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Austin, TX’s Trusted Team for Hail Damage Roof Solutions

We’re the local roofing team protecting Austin’s homes during the hailstorm season, restoring and maintaining your roof with high-quality products and resilient materials for a long-lasting structure.

Austin’s Hail Damage Roofing Company

When your home suffers from storm damage or disrepair, you need a reliable roofer to provide restoration and repair service before and after the storm hits, especially if you’re dealing with hail damage roof issues in Austin, TX.


Protecting Your Home in a Texas Hail Storm

Partner with a BBB-accredited roofing team that understands Austin homes’ fragile relationship with the weather. Our extensive experience in restoration and repair work ensures any roofer worker on your home is trained in common storm damages, such as cracked or damaged shingles, from hailstones to more complex, detailed repairs. Specializing in hail damage roof repairs, our team is committed to serving homeowners in Austin, TX, with the utmost precision and care.

Roofers With Local Expertise

Utilizing local knowledge and enhanced training in roofing repairs, our team can spot hidden signs of hail and damage to your roof that homeowners or drone equipment can struggle to pick up. We quickly resolve most minor hailstorm damages for Austin residents and significant structural damage, sourcing durable roofing materials to prepare your property for the variety of weathers Texas can bring.

Reliable Emergency Roof Damage Services and Check-ups

The Matthew Lorand Roofing company is your reliable partner during the hailstorm season, offering comprehensive inspections and restoration services for hail damage roof in Austin, TX. We’re available all year round and during the storm-hailstorm season from March to August for roof replacement, restorations, inspections, and repairs.

Protect your home when the hail hits this season with the locally owned and operated residential roofing and construction company.

Professional Storm Prevention and Repair Services

We’ve developed our services to meet the needs of homeowners in Austin, Texas. We offer complimentary inspections, high-quality repairs, and support with insurance companies, providing 5-star rated hail damage roof repair for your home. Our team is dedicated to addressing storm damage swiftly and effectively, ensuring that hail damage roof inspections in Austin, TX, are thorough and meet our rigorous standards for quality and durability.

Discover comprehensive roof and restoration services for your hail-damaged roof, including replacements and tune-ups to protect it against future hail storms.

Drone-Free Hail Roof Damage Inspections in Austin, TX

As your reliable roofing partner, we’re on hand throughout the hail storm season, offering urgent and reliable storm damage inspection and roof repairs for your home.

A hail damage roof inspection in Austin, TX, can reveal more than the visible damage caused by severe weather, providing a visual inspection to diagnose missing or damaged shingles, water leaks, granule loss, and other problems with your roof.

If you’d like a professional inspection on your current home insurance claim, choose a trusted roofing expert to evaluate the necessary repairs thoroughly. Our team will guide you through resolving damages, arranging repair work, and communicating directly with your insurance provider.

Our Drone Free Promise

Our commitment to staff training and development ensures we’re 100% confident in our roofers’ abilities and expertise, so we don’t need to rely on drone technology to identify roof damage. All Matthew Lorand Roofing staff have been extensively trained to spot symptoms and signs of hail damage and diagnose defects, damages, and concerns with a trained eye or material texture.

Roof Tune-Ups and Repairs

Is your roof in need of some TLC for the upcoming storm season? Or do you require minor repair work following a recent hailstorm?

Our roofing tune-up services address critical issues in your property, using high-quality materials and products to restore your home and roof to optimum condition. Specializing in hail damage roof repairs, our team is dedicated to serving homeowners in Austin, Texas, ensuring their homes stay resilient in a hailstorm. We offer repairs on all the essential elements your home needs, covering gutters, shingles, flashing, granular, and nail heads.

FAQ: Your Austin, TX Home Hail Damage Roof Insurance Claim

We understand the stress damage to your home can bring, so we provide streamlined and effective communication to you and insurance providers during the claims process. Browse our insurance checklist below for further information from our roofing experts.

Do You Need to Inspect the Storm Damage After the Hailstorm?

Your insurance company will arrange an inspection with an Adjuster to determine the scope of hail damage to your roof and assess the coverage required, including repairs and building materials.

Before filing a claim for further damage with your insurance company, many customers schedule a complimentary roof inspection with our team for peace of mind and a complimentary check of any minor damages the Adjuster may have missed during their visit.

Should I be Informed About the Breakdown of Repair Work?

Yes! Homeowners should always receive a copy of the scope of work and inform the Matthew Lorand team of this documentation.

The scope of work details the work planned with your professional roofer team and the required building materials, including addressing hail damage roof repairs in Austin, TX. If you’re concerned about the documentation relating to your roofing repair, our team will explain the terminology and provide a breakdown of your scope of work. Once the scope of work is agreed upon, we will formally produce a contract to commit to the job.

What if I Find Damages That the Adjuster Missed?

Unresolved roof problems can often be missed by the untrained eye, leading to drastic complications for homeowners.

Our expert roofers are trained to spot hidden damages, small shingle breaks, and wet patches that may suggest a leak. With extensive experience working with insurance firms, you can rest assured that your roof will receive a full assessment from the team- working with your insurance to request a supplement to adjust your claim to include the new damages. In the event of hail damage roof inspections, our Austin, TX team is exceptionally thorough, ensuring that every aspect of your roof’s condition is meticulously evaluated.

Do You Provide Discounts On The Deductible?

As a reputable roofing company, we always aim to provide clear, itemized billing and transparency in all our services.

Unfortunately, scammers are known in every industry – including roofing contractors offering discounts and offers on insurance deductibles. The Texas House Bill 2102 ensures all deductibles must be paid directly to the contractor by law, or the depreciation funds will not be paid on the claim meaning customers should be wary of discounts and special offers to deductibles.

Insurance Claims For Austin, TX Homes with Hail Roof Damage

Matthew Lorand Roofing’s expert team handles the complexities of insurers and paperwork, from communicating the total repair work of costs to completion; with over 20 years of experience working with major and local insurance firms, we’re ready to take the reigns on your roof repair insurance claim.

Choose Austin’s Local Hail Damage Roofers

As one of the leading hail damage roofing company in the Greater Austin, Texas area, we’ve seen it all when it comes to bad weather. Whether it’s hail damage roof repairs in Austin, TX, damaged gutters, displaced shingles, or a peace of mind check-in after the storm has passed, we’re the locally recognized roofing contractor for the job! With awards and local recognition from ThreeBestRated, Trust Analytica, and the Angi Super Service award winner seven times running – you can trust the credibility of our roofing services.

Choose a bespoke hail damage prevention and roof repair service that has successfully restored the roofs of Austin for over twenty years, providing reliable inspections, high-quality materials, and professional roofers to protect your home from roof hail damage.