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“I have hail, wind, storm or water damage.
What do I do now?”

Contact us immediately. We work with with all insurance companies and we handle all the paperwork.

Avoid “storm chasers” and “door knockers” at all costs!

They are high-pressure, commission-driven sales people who don’t have your best interests in mind. And, they may not have liability insurance to cover you when they are injured or they damage your property.

We are insurance-claims and storm-damage experts!

The Insurance Claim, Step-by-step

It’s important for you to understand all the steps that go into the insurance claim process.


Step 1- Roof & Property Inspection

If there is a large-scale massive storm (hail, wind, tornado) that hits your house, call your insurance company immediately and file a claim, and then call us next! We provide emergency roof tarp services and we document damages with photos. Unsure of the severity of the damages? Call us first and we’ll provide a free comprehensive inspection, including roof, gutters, windows, fences, siding and even any interior leaks, including attic spaces. We don’t want you to waste time filing a claim for loss if there is not significant damage. 

Step 2 – File a Claim

You simply call and file a claim with your insurance carrier once we determine there is significant damage to your property. Then we will provide you and the insurance company with any needed photos and written documentation to get the claim started. They will set a time to send an adjuster to review our documentation of the verification reports and to confirm the covered damages to your property. Once the insurance has approved the claim, they send you paperwork showing everything they are covering. The insurance company pays all of it, minus your deductible.

Step 3 – Provide Insurance Scope of Work, Sign a Contract

Once the insurance company has approved to pay to replace the damages, they will send you a scope of work detailing everything they are paying for minus your deductible. Once we have a copy of the insurance scope of work, we will then sign a contract with you, pick shingle colors and all necessary materials, and get started on scheduling all the repairs on your entire insurance claim project.

Step 4 – Project Completed

Wow! That was easy. Your project is completed and we close out your insurance claim. Once we are finished with the work on your roof and all other repairs in the insurance claim, we turn in all the required paperwork and documentation to your insurance company to get the remaining portion of the claim payed correctly and closed out properly. You don’t have to do anything with your insurance company. We handle it all. The project is now completed and life is back to normal!

We Work with Any & All Insurance Companies

Here are just a few of them