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Navigate Storm Season with Expert Hail Damage Roof Repair in Round Rock, TX

For everyday Texans, hail season is a yearly occurrence.
Homeowners should partner with a roofer they can trust before and after the storm surges, providing protection and support throughout the hailstorm season.

Supporting the Community’s Roofs For the Storm Season

Meet the professional roofing and restoration company committed to protecting and repairing the local homes of the community and neighboring towns during the Texas hail season. Our team provides reliable inspections and emergency repair work you can depend on when hailstones impact your home. We offer hail damage roof repair in Round Rock, TX, along with inspections, restoration, and repairs for all Texas seasons and weather!

Protecting Round Rock Homes During a Hail Storm

Weather radars have detected hail in Round Rock five times over the last year alone, and 33 severe hailstorm weather warnings have been issued across the region. Although hailstones can vary in size and severity, significant damage to local infrastructure and homes can still occur even during some of the milder hailstorms. After such events, hail damage roof inspection services are frequently requested by local customers in Round Rock, Texas, with roof repairs and inspections being a top priority.

Unveiling the Impact of Hail Damage on Roof Structures in Round Rock, TX

Your roof is built to withstand the elements. Unfortunately, despite the resilience of many Texas roofs, hailstones can pose a significant risk of damage, especially during extreme weather.

Diagnosing Leaking Roofs

Although a roof’s exterior is built to provide a resilient, waterproof shield for your home, the integral structure is much more susceptible to both roof hail damage and water damage. Hail damage is only sometimes noticeable with leaking roofs, so we recommend a roof inspection after suspected hail damage.

Resolving Dented Shingles

Roof shingles are susceptible to significant impact during a hailstorm, leading to cracking, displacement, dents, and fractures. Our professional roofers, specializing in hail damage roof inspection in Round Rock, TX, will always provide thorough coverage during shingle inspections, assessing all small markings to ensure your shingles maintain their structural integrity throughout the storm season.

Restoring Granule Loss

Shingles may shift during strong storm winds or crack and fall away after impact from a hailstone, leading to exposure to the granule layer that provides extra protection for your roof. Granule loss from cracked shingles is particularly common in hail storms and excessive rainwater, making your property more vulnerable to deterioration of the elements.

Fixing Gutter Damage

From damaged downspouts and outlets to leaks and pooling water, hailstorms are bad news for a property’s gutter system. Hailstones can dent parts of the system, cause blockages in the water flow, and impact gutter hangers that keep all parts in place and allow water to run effectively away from your property. If you notice hail damage on roof components, it’s crucial to contact a hail damage roofing company in Round Rock, TX, to assess and repair the damage promptly.

We Uncover the Hidden Damage of HailStones

Don’t be fooled by the aftermath of a hailstorm! Our professional roofer team understands the hidden damages of a hailstorm, providing a thorough, drone-free inspection to guarantee the condition of your home.

If you’re experiencing damage to your roof, contact our team for reliable Hail Damage Roof Repairs.

Get Peace of Mind with Hail Damage Roof Inspection in Round Rock, TX

Partner with our professional roofer for peace of mind during the hail storm season in Round Rock, TX, especially if you’re concerned about hail damage roof repair. We are committed to delivering reliable inspections and restoration services during the storm period of March to August and all year round for all necessary roof repairs.

Our comprehensive services, including replacements and roofing tune-ups, ensure your property is ready for the weather and variety of seasons Texas can bring. Explore our extensive service selection, or contact our team to discuss your individual needs:

Emergency Storm Roof Repair Services

As a local business, we understand the stress and heartache experienced when your home has suffered damage, especially the safety implications and equipment required to address leaks, blocked gutters, debris removal, or structural repairs. This can be even more stressful for customers who have had to leave their property due to extensive storm damage and the need for repairs.

Unfortunately, no matter how prepared roofs can be during hailstorm season, there are times when Mother Nature is tougher than even the most resilient roofing materials. That’s why our efficient storm repair services are dedicated to restoring normality to your home as quickly as possible.

If you suspect roof damage after a hailstorm, learn more about our dedicated storm repair services.

Year-Round Hail Damage Roof Inspection Services in Round Rock, Texas

We’re available for roof inspections all year round, providing reliable appointments suited to the schedules of busy families and working professionals.

If a storm has impacted your property or you suspect a leak or hail damage to the structure of your roof, contact our roofing team for a complimentary hail damage roof inspection in Round Rock, TX.

We are proud of our continued delivery, every storm season, of high-quality inspections and repairs, using leading expertise to ensure all materials, including gutters, shingles, flashing, granular, and nail heads, are in operating condition.

Book Your Roof Inspection for storm damage or as part of your roof maintenance schedule.

Professional Roof Tune-Ups

A tune-up can protect property before the hail season arrives and offer a solution to spotting repairs once the storm has passed. Our professional roof tune-up services address the critical issues that need attention in your home, resolving minor issues and preventing more complex issues early on.

Choose Your Local Roof Inspector

Since starting our operation in 1998, we’ve continued to source only premium-quality roofing products and work with certified and licensed roofers. Discover why we’re the top-rated roof inspection services and restoration provider.

Our Drone-Free Promise

Our team is committed to the Matthew Lorand Roofing ‘Drone-free’ promise offered as part of our hail damage roof inspection services in Round Rock, Texas, ensuring your roof inspection and repair are carried out by a certified professional. Unlike drone technology, all of our expert roofers have been trained to notice hail damage, diagnose defects, damages, and concerns with the naked eye or by material texture, with the ability to access areas of the roof safely for further inspection when required.

Home Insurance Ready

We’ve worked with many insurance providers, including major insurers for the home property sector, enabling our team to streamline your repair work from a transparent quote to the final sign-off with your insurance company. Using clear communication, high-quality work, and reliable scheduling, we ensure all parties are satisfied with our services and handle all the necessary paperwork for the repair and insurance claim. Take back control of your home after a natural disaster or storm with our hail stone repair services. Find out more.

Full Warranty of Roof Repairs

Choosing Matthew Lorand Roofing Company for storm repair means our full insurer services and Best Protection Full warranty will back you. Contact us for details and further information on our policies and protection.

Interior Repair and Renovation Services

We’re more than just a storm repair service. We can be the one-stop shop for repairs for many areas of your home after damage from inclement weather. Contact our team today to discuss drywall, interior repairs, and renovation services with the Matthew Lorand Roofing team.

Your Trusted Hail Damage Roof Contractors in Round Rock, TX

With over 20 years of experience working with the roofs of homes and businesses in Round Rock, we’ve developed a bespoke service that can spot hailstones and many other types of storm damage. As a leading hail damage roofing company in Round Rock, Texas, we are adept at identifying the subtlest indicators of weather impact. From the smallest dents and craters to bruising on the matting, we apply leading industry expertise to help customers uncover the hidden signs of hail damage, diagnosing problems effectively, with clear communication of the required work and repairs to restore your home to optimum condition. Our hail damage roof inspection process ensures that every aspect of your roof’s condition is thoroughly assessed.