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What do you need to know when it comes to a roofing insurance claim? Here’s a summary:

  • The insurance company is not your enemy, and their goal is to get your roof back to good working order.
  • All insurance companies use the same software to determine an accurate and fair price for required roof repairs. Nothing is left to negotiation.
  • You need an experienced roofer who knows all the local insurance company contacts and is very familiar with the insurance-claims process.

Let us walk you through the basics.

We are the Austin roofing insurance claim experts

If you have an insurance claim for your roof, it can be confusing, overwhelming and frustrating. But it doesn’t have to be. When you need a roofing insurance claim expert, contact Matthew Lorand Roofing. We have been handling roofing insurance claims for decades, we work with all insurance companies, and we even have personal connections with many insurance company representatives in Austin, Lakeway, and all around Central Texas.

Let’s look at the roofing insurance-claim process, step-by step

Step 1: Inspecting the roof and the property

If a major storm hits your house, such as one with hail, wind, or a tornado, there are a number of immediate steps you should take to ensure your family is safe and you’re made whole again financially.  One of the first is contacting your insurance company immediately and filing a claim. Your next call should be to us, Matthew Lorand Roofing, because we have decades of experience working on roofing insurance claims. You’ll likely need emergency roof tarp services, and we also document all of the damages and take photos. If you are not sure of the severity of the damages, go ahead and call us first and we’ll give you a free, comprehensive inspection, including roof, gutters, windows, fences, siding and even any interior leaks, including attic spaces. You don’t want to waste time filing an insurance claim if there is not significant damage.

Step 2: You file your claim

After we determine there is significant damage to your property, your next step is to file a claim with your insurance company. We’ll give you and the insurance company photos and written documentation to get the claim started. The insurance company will send an adjuster to review our documentation of the verification reports and to confirm the covered damages to your property. Once the insurance company has approved your claim, they send you paperwork showing everything that will be covered. Aside from you paying the deductible, everything else is paid for by the insurance company.

Step 3: Provide insurance scope of work, sign your contract

Once the insurance company has approved to pay to repair your roof, they will send you a scope of work listing everything they are paying for minus your deductible. Once we have a copy of the insurance scope of work, we will then sign a contract with you. Then you get to do things like pick shingle colors and decide on all the necessary materials, and we get started on scheduling the repairs on your project.

Step 4: Project is completed

That was easy! Believe it or not, the project already is completed, and we close out your insurance claim. Once we are finished with the work on your roof and any other repairs in the insurance claim, we turn in all the required paperwork and documentation to your insurance company to get the remaining portion of the claim payed correctly and closed out properly. The project is now completed and life is back to normal!

We handle everything

The bottom line is that you don’t have to do anything with your insurance company. We handle it all. When you have a roofing insurance claim, contact us with any questions or concerns. We’ll be happy to give you a free inspection and let you know if you should consider filing an insurance claim.

Have a question? Contact us.