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Spring Roof Tune-up

What are the signs that your shingle roof needs replacing? Can you spot them yourself, or do you need an expert’s guidance? Austin-area roofing expert Jason Joseph, with Matthew Lorand Roofing, speaks with Mark Woodruff with Woody Creative.

Roof Insurance Claim Process: Critical Terms To Know

If you have an insurance claim on your roof, there are several roofing and insurance terms that are important to know about. And there’s more to it than just understanding the definition of these terms. You should be aware of rules and policies that, left unheeded, could cost you unnecessarily or even make your roof no longer insurable. Learn what you need to know about roofing insurance claims.

How to choose between a shingle or metal roof

A lot of customers ask if they should choose a shingle roof or a metal roof. Sometimes they are replacing a roof after a storm, sometimes they are building a new home, and sometimes they are just interested in making a change to their current home. There are a lot of advantages to a metal roof, but there are a lot of factors to consider also.

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